aux Eppes


for string quartet




mouvement 1 (aiff)
mouvement 2 (aiff)
mouvement 3 (aiff)
mouvement 1 (mp3)
mouvement 2 (mp3)
mouvement 3 (mp3)




If I had to rank my pieces on a scale of "importance to my development as an artist", aux Eppes would come in at number one. Composed from over 10,000 string samples from 0.2 to 120 seconds extracted from 26 hours of improvisations, I used Python and PVC to analyze and classify the samples. I then used various algorithms in Python to mix together the samples in a piece, transcribing it at the end. This piece taught me how to work out rhythmic and formal ideas on small scales and extrapolate them to larger forms. It has quietly collected dust in my catalogue as my life has shifted towards work with the ensemble 101, but it still runs through my head all the time and lessons I learned from composing it inform my choices in all my work.