norman (age 29) wakes up


for Marie, Elsa, Ryan and Eudes








It took me 6 years to compose norman (age 29) wakes up. The first ideas for the piece (mm. 1, 12, 51) came to me during my senior year at Stanford at the same time that Norman Rosenblatt, my muse, appeared to me in a vision and taught me all the secrets of life. These secrets, by the way, are available for $9 and you can contact me directly for them.

Other bits, like Ryan's solo, came to me during a long backpacking trip I took of Europe in 2006. Other bits, like mm. 66 and 170, were written at my parents' house in November, 2011. The last bit (m. 152) was written in the line 13 of the Paris metro at the suggestion of Elsa. All "norman" pieces represent a big step in my musical life and this is no exception. A lot of the thinking I'd been doing about form and jazz harmony for years crystalizes in this work.