MUB atrium — 2:21am

for cello, flute, clarinet or bass clarinet, percussion, string orchestra, and tape

performance notes

MUB atrium — 2:21am is to be performed with the musicians interspersed throughout the audience save one cello player, who should be center stage, and one bass clarinet or clarinet player, who should be offstage.

The entire score for the work exists online, with each instrument having its own instruction page below. To perform the work, each player must have a laptop with an internet connection. The player should click on the appropriate instruction page for their instrument and wait for a signal to begin. The signal to begin should be given by the person controlling the tape part. The work's end is indicated in the score itself.

It is also possible for one or more performers to modify the score in real-time. For an ensemble wishing to do so, please send an e-mail to atrium.

Currently, the Firefox, Camino, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari SVG rendering engines are the only ones that display the all of the score sizes correctly.

select your instrument

cello solo
percussion, where "percussion" pertains to anybody who wants to participate in the work and is not playing another instrument.

* The string section for this work should be, at a minimum, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, and Bass. This was the instrumentation for the inaugural performance, a recording of which is available online (wav,ogg).